Those Kind Eyes

© Dainis Derics | Dreamstime Stock Photos

He had the kind of eyes that could see right through her, pierced her with a pain that she rarely felt outside of him.  His eyes broke her more than his hands ever did.  She was always uncomfortable in his presence, but she rarely found enough strength to think that it was possible to pick up and leave.  His words took her to the highest places, or tore her down in an instant.  He lingered on her like the stale smoke of a Vegas casino and she was never able to wash herself clean.

She couldn’t stand it when he looked at her as if she were the only person in the room.  The way his eyes followed her, the way the corners of his lips would turn up in a loving grin, the way the wrinkles on his forehead creased that much further.  It broke her heart when he made her feel like the only person in the world and it almost killed her when he convinced her that he actually needed her.  I love you.  Let’s go get a drink.  Come home with me tonight.

But he didn’t need her.  He never needed her.  He was her everything and he made her into nothing and she hated him for it.


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