Misconceptions Revised

When I started writing this blog in August 2011, I thought of it merely as a profile of my writing – an online portfolio of my work, if you will.  At the time I refused to allow myself to think any bigger or bolder.  Life got the better of me and my writing spiraled into a pit of nothingness (literally, it wasn’t happening at all).  Well, my friends, all of that has suddenly changed.  Call it luck, call it a resolution or call it a change of heart, but in the New Year I’ve made a promise to write something creative every day – and this is the place I’ve chosen to do it.

I’ve been agonizing over the need to start a blog for months (come on, what writer doesn’t have a blog these days) but I’ve had the most difficult time coming up with a topic that I felt passionate enough to write about every single day!  Crazy, right?  All this time, I had no idea that my own inspiration was starting me straight in the face.  Thus – I will write about writing!

As of January 2012, I am in the process of writing two major projects – a novel and a screenplay with my writing partner – as well as a boatload of other ideas teeming in the background.  So if you love to write, love to read, or are related to me and thus feel obligated to follow my blog – please do!  The only favor I ask in return is that you leave me feedback (general praise and delight works great for me – but constructive criticism is, of course, always welcome).




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